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24K Gold & Caviar Premium Body Scrub Jasmine

Our 24K Gold Scrub is special. We infused our scrub with 24K Nano Italian Gold powder for added luxury and to nourish your skin. This powder has numerous benefits for the skin. Due to the elemental properties of gold, it makes the skin more radiant and gives it a healthy glow, in addition to its anti-oxidant properties the gold must benefit our skin when you rub it directly to your body.

You probably exfoliate your face regularly to get rid of buildups and have a fresh, glowing appearance. You can get the same benefits for the body when you exfoliate the rest of your skin because your body needs exfoliating just as much as your face. Without regular exfoliation, you can end up with clogged pores, which block moisture from getting into the deeper layers.

Our 24K body Scrub will reduce the chance of an occasional break-out, it will reduce the appearance of dark spots or age spots, it will minimize the appearance of large pores, get smoother elbows and knees, and smoother skin.

Cana Gold 24K Body Scrub, with its rich antioxidant elements, will reduce stress, smooth razor bumps, allow moisturizer and body butter to work better and prevent ingrown hairs and make hair removal easier.


How to apply

Apply exfoliation scrub before showering or bathing. Use circular motions working your toes and moving up towards your heart. Once you reach your mid-section, start over at the neck and go down again using circular motions over the stomach, go left to right, that is the natural flow of your digestion. Rinse it and follow up with our 24K body butter and your skin will be positively radiant.

All our products are paraben-free, Alcohol-free, and GMO-free not tested on animals.

Why you should use this product

Cana Gold 24K Body Scrub that is rich with Nano Gold particles and bronzer to give your skin a radiant glow you never have seen before. In addition to its benefits for your skin, we created a unique formula with the Nano Gold particles and the bronzer to enjoy looking at your skin while exfoliating. The gold particles will act as a strong agent against oxidation and will give you not only a healthy but a glowing appearance that you will enjoy; it makes you feel like you just came back from a long day on the beach with a unique radiant glow.

As you massage our 24k body scrub over your body, the exfoliating granules help to slough off dead skin. The rubbing action boosts circulation and helps drain your lymph nodes by increasing blood flow to the skin surface and make the gold molecule penetrate deeper in your skin with the other rich ingredients which accelerate your skin renewal process. Another significant benefit of using our 24K scrub is how good it can feel in the moment. Being mindful of the refreshing texture against your skin and the captivating aroma scent that fills the shower allows you to enjoy the treatment as it is happening and experience that can lift your mood and affect your outlook as you continue your day or evening.


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